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Business Building Resources

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Training and Recruiting Resources

Your Agel Business Plan

This is the exact game plan to get you and your new team members started fast. It will raise your retention rate drastically, because new people now have an exact guide of what to do to get building fast. This 36-page booklet also includes a follow-along audio CD to help them do all of the steps. It's priced inexpensively, so you can give one to each person that you personally enroll. This powerful resource takes you through four parts of building a strong Agel business:
  1. The Foundation (3 steps).
  2. Getting Connected (4 steps).
  3. Making Your Game Plan (5 steps).
  4. Doing Your Major Blast (7 steps).
This is the COMPLETE plan for how to go Manager in two to three weeks! It comes in packs of ten, so you have your own, and can immediately provide one to each new person you sponsor. This powerful training is your roadmap to building a large, successful network with Agel Enterprises.

Download the Agel Business Plan (PDF)

Listen to these training audios
  1. The Foundation for Duplication.
  2. Major Blast Training.
  3. Building Volume.
  4. How to Conduct an Agel Cash Flow Class.

Are you an MLM Grinder or Rock Star?

This powerful new tool is created especially for use with prospects who currently are in network marketing or have previously been in the business and did not achieve the results they desire.

Recorded live at the Mastermind event, Triple Diamond Director Randy Gage reveals the true formula for creating wealth and financial freedom in network marketing. Your prospects will learn why most network marketers "grind it out," but never break through to the big bonus checks or develop any true residual income.

They'll be spellbound as they learn how a they can develop "rock star" lifestyles that includes millions in earnings, luxury homes, exotic cars, travel to glamorous locales, and the freedom to spend their days however they desire. By the time they finish, they will understand why Agel has become a worldwide phenomenon and why they should join your team.

Download the training


The company's official website. Log in to your account here, sign up prospects, and view all information on products and the business opportunity. Corporate updates can be viewed here.

Agel Backoffice. Log in to your backoffice to oversee your team, or sign up new members here.

Agel Business Tools. Different marketing and training tools that you can use to expand your business. These include our famous Phenomenon DVDs, Mag Packs, Self Development material, etc.

Agel Official Tools. Varioius tools for your Agel Business. Look professional. Feel professional. These range from business cards, banners, clothing, stickers, pens, tablecloth, training books, CDs, etc.