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The Compensation Plan
A Comp Plan As Innovative as Our Product

The founders of Agel designed their compensation plan from the ground up. They took the best elements from a variety of plans, and then added innovative new twists. The result of this combination is our Quadra-Plan, a unique approach that pushes far beyond the best plans from the past. It is, in short, the most lucrative plan ever developed.

In addition, the Agel Comp Plan provides a huge range of special benefits for achieving certain levels of performance. These include expense allowances, travel award funds, team volume commissions, matching bonuses, and even a luxury car fund that can be as high as thousands of dollars per month.

1. Retail Sales & Preferred Customers

Want to make a profit quickly and easily? Then retail sales might be the way to go. With this approach, you buy Agel products at wholesale prices* and then sell them at the suggested retail price. It’s like you’re an Agel store, providing easy access to incredible products that address critical health and wellness needs.

Preferred Customer** program

Instead of selling single boxes, set up your regular customers with their own Back Office account by enrolling them in the Preferred Customer program. This allows your customers to set up monthly autoship orders, and receive their product directly from the company.

Preferred Customers order products at the wholesale price, and you receive a bonus for each product they purchase. Additionally, their orders will be added to your Pay Volume each month.

With the Preferred Customer program, your customers are ensured of getting their wellness needs met consistently, while you are generating reliable monthly profits.

Like any good retailer, always look to up-sell

Your customer might think that one product is enough for their wellness needs, but be sure to introduce other products that might help maintain better health. If a customer could stand to lose a few pounds, explain how FIT is a great compliment to an effective weight loss plan. If somebody’s energy looks low, about how OHM might put more spring in their step. When you put thought into your retail sales, you’ll discover many opportunities to explain the benefits of additional products.

Don’t forget to check back in with your Preferred Customers

Retail sales also allow you to create a sale with those interested only in Agel’s remarkable and innovative product line. Think of it as a backup plan for those who don’t feel compelled to be part of your team. But remember to check back in with your retail customers on a regular basis. Over time, they may reconsider and decide that joining your team could further help them on the way toward achieving their personal goals.

* Retail Sales are not allowed in markets designated as NFR (Nor For Resale). Sale of products in these countries are for personal use only.

** Preferred Customer status is available in limited markets supported by Agel.

2. First Order Bonus

First Order Bonus provides a way for your initial efforts to be rewarded almost immediately. You can enjoy profit checks in little more than a month with Agel. Money in your wallet can be a great motivator during your first months to keep building your organization. It can also jumpstart your business, providing you with financial returns until your structure becomes strong. For every person that you sponsor (or personally enroll) you will receive a different First Order Bonus depending on the level of their enrollment.

Level of Enrollment Bonus Bonus
Professional Level $500
Executive Level $100
Personal Level $35

Aim for Executive or Professional Level enrollments

As you can see from the chart, the First Order Bonus for enrollments at the Executive or Professional Level is much greater than for Personal Level enrollments. If that isn’t enough motivation for you to enroll at these levels, also keep in mind that it creates the possibility of much more long-term return for both you and your enrollee.

Increase your Commissionable Volume

Each personal enrollment also counts towards your Commissionable Volume.

3. Team Volume Commissions & Escrow

Team Volume Commissions* are the basic way you’ll generate long-term income with Agel. It is income that will grow as your team grows. They are based on your Commissionable Volume. Here’s how it works:

Build your two-leg business structure

Each business center at Agel has two legs. As you and your team members find new people to enroll, you will add them below your other team members in each leg of your business.

The total number of dollars spent on enrollment, autoship, and other product orders by the team members in each of leg of your business is converted into "Commissionable Volume" or CV. The Professional, Executive, and Personal Level enrollments; and each of the different boxes of product have different CV values assigned to them (see the order pages in your online backoffice for details. Whenever you place an order, you will be informed of the CV value of that order). The leg that generates less total CV for any given month is considered your "lesser leg" for that month.

Earn up to 10% commissions on your lesser leg

Agel pays 7% of the Commissionable Volume of each Agel team member’s lesser leg back to them in the form of monthly Team Volume Commissions.

Team Members participating at the Executive or Professional levels will have an additional 3% placed in an escrow account. Provided they stay active for 12 consecutive months, on their one year anniversary they will receive payment of the 3% earned throughout the year.

Create reliable Commissionable Volume

As your team grows and creates more business, you increase your CV. The more CV you have in your lesser leg, the bigger the Team Volume Commissions you receive every month. There are no "breakaways" in the Agel Compensation Plan. And there is no "sub-level" income. That means that you can rest assured that you will continue to earn Team Volume Commissions on your lesser leg every month, no matter how many levels your structure is.

Sign up at the Professional or Executive Level and increase the possibilities

If you’re looking to build a very successful organization, signing up at the Professional or Executive Level is essential. One of the reasons it’s essential is because it allows you to have three "business centers." In other words, you are given three business structures, each with two legs, and you get to earn up to 10% on the lesser legs of all three.

Target the max Team Volume Commission

A maximum of $25,000 can be earned per business center per month.

4. Leveraged Matching Bonus

Our Leveraged Matching Bonus is one of the most innovative compensation plan elements in the history of the network marketing industry. It is also how thos aiming for incredible success can generate the income necessary to meet their goals.

Why is it Innovative?

This plan allows you to multiply your earning as your organization grows. in addition to the Team Volume Commissions you earn on your lesser leg, you can earn up to 50 percent of the Team Volume Commissions being earned by any team members that you have personally sponsored. Think of that! You can also receive a percentage of the Team Volume Commissions being by the people in their team structure — up to 7 generations down. The amound of Leveraged Matching Bonus you receive for each team member in your structure differes depending upon your leadership status in the organization and their relationship to the team member you personally sponsored.

In addition, downline team members who hit their anniversary month will have their Leverage Matching Bonuses paid to the upline sponsorships on the 3%.

Never lose your bonus

The Leveraged Matching Bonus is paid to qualifying team members on each individual they personally sponsor or bring into the business — no matter where they fit in their business structure. Once you qualify, you can be confident you will receive your Leveraged Matching Bonus on every team member your brought into the business, no matter if they are at level 5 or level 500 and no matter how profitable they become.

How do you Qualify?

To receive Leveraged Matching Bonuses, you must have earned the Supervisor Level or above (achieving Supervisor status requires you to have a minimum CV of 1,000 in your lesser leg) and purchase at least 100 CV of product every month. At this point you will begin receiving a bonus for each qualified team member in your structure, up to 7 generations down.

5. Executive Bonus

The Executive Bonus is available to those who enroll at the Executive or Professional Levels and who are aggressively pursuing growth in their organization. This is how it works:

A pot of dough is put aside for those creating growth

A pool of 3% of the entire company-wide CV is put aside every month. This amount is then divided up among each team member who has shown significant growth in Team Volume Commissions during that month.

The more you grow your CV, the more of the Executive Bonus you get

You receive one "share" for every 1,000 CV of growth you create in your lesser leg over the previous month. The number of shares you earn compared to others eligible for this bonus determines how much your bonus will be. This bonus is only available for those who have less than 40,000 CV in their lesser leg.

6. The Executive Rank Qualification Pool

Each month 1% of Global CV is shared among Team Members. To qualify** for the bonus, Team Members must be a Supervisor, Manager, or Senior Manager. An additional ½ percent of the total CV is shared among those who qualify at Director or Regional Director.

This is a weighted bonus based on rank that is paid out to those who are participating at the Executive or Professional Levels and have qualified for the pool for at least three months during a four month period.

7. Car Bonus

When you reach the rank of Senior Director or above, you start receiving additional rewards for your success. One reward you’ll receive is the Car Bonus.
Rank Car Bonus per month
Senior Director $250
Corporate Director $500
1 Star Diamond $750
2 Star Diamond $1,000
3 Star Diamond $1,250
4 Star Diamond $1,500
5 Star Diamond $1,750
Executive Diamond $2,000
Ambassador Diamond $2,250
Presidential Diamond $2,500
Crown Diamond $2,750
Royal Diamond $3,000

* Team member must submit a photo of themselves and the vehicle they purchased to Agel within 30 days. This will be used by Agel for promotional purposes.

8. Expense Bonus

The Expense Bonus is yet another perk of reaching Senior Director status or above. This lump sum is paid to you monthly to help you defray the costs of building your business. You may spend it as you see fit, with no monthly expense reports required.
Rank Expense Bonus per month
Senior Director $250
Corporate Director $500
1 Star Diamond $750
2 Star Diamond $1,000
3 Star Diamond $1,250
4 Star Diamond $1,500
5 Star Diamond $1,750
Executive Diamond $2,000
Ambassador Diamond $2,250
Presidential Diamond $2,500
Crown Diamond $2,750
Royal Diamond $3,000

9. Travel Award

Each year 1 Star Diamonds & above will be invited to the annual leadership conference, which is held in an exotic location.

Check out the upcoming trip, and look back on the fun from previous years:

Hawaii Retreat - 2011

Australia Retreat - 2010

Phuket Retreat - 2009

10. Mad Money

As a qualified rank of Crown Diamond you earn a $20,000 a month "Mad Money" Bonus. As a qualified Royal Diamond you receive a $40,000 a month "Mad Money" Bonus.

Agel Compensation Plan
Agel Compensation Plan (presentation)