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Safe Is the New Risky

It’s a powerful presentation, because it has a timey message about today’s economy, and why the old rules don’t work any longer. With a real sense of urgency it let you know that if what is going on today is not just a market downturn, real estate bubble, or slow down, but a new economy. And let you know in no uncertain terms that the people that try to "play safe" and wait it out are getting creamed.

It helps you understand that your boss, company, or government can’t protect you, and if you want to create true wealth, you must act. It’s a bold call to action to take charge of your own destiny, and find out more about Agel.

Agel Cash Flow Class

This is a complete recruiting presentation, encompassing an exciting new format. The Cash Flow Class show you how you can create a residual cash flow machine with Agel. It’s a compelling presentation of the Agel opportunity, including the benefits of the business, overview of the nine ways to earn in the Quadra-Plan, description of the product lines, and the "right now" advantage Agel offers.

Agel products

Agel products: a new and innovative way to optimal health with Agel's revolutionary gelceuticals!

The innovation of the Agel products started with the technological breakthrough of gel. By using state-of-the-art science to put nutrition in a state of suspension, they ensure consistency in delivery and quickness in bioavailability. They have changed the possibilities of nutrition both inside and out.

The Perfect Storm of Opportunity

10 minutes of fast and hard-hitting information featuring Paul Zane Pilzer live. This is the convergence of The Wellness Revolution, The Millionaire Explosion, and The Direct Selling Boom. Video contains powerful visuals that reinforce that now is The Perfect Storm of Opportunity!

Perfect Business

In this video, Robert Kiyosaki shares with you his revolutionary wisdom, just as his rich dad shared it with him. Viewers will discover successful strategies to create personal security and financial freedom. Video includes: An overview of the Rich Dad philosophy; Summarization of the Cashflow Quadrant; Evaluate your key values; Why Direct Selling is the Perfect Business!

Robert Kiyosaki is a multi-millionaire businessman, investor, educator, speaker and the author of seven international best-selling books (Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Rich Dad's book series) on becoming financially free.

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